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For all children to have easier access to free quality education.


Working in Ethiopia in partnership with local organizations, communities and initiatives to improve the lives of vulnerable children through educational support.


To support vulnerable children’s easier access to appropriate quality education to the maximum of their ability through the provision of scholarships and upgrading community elementary rural schools.


That all children are born equal and should have equal opportunities to access education.


Education is one of the best ways out of poverty. Education is the key to an individual, a community & a country’s better future. With education peo- ple can take control of their lives, be self sufficient and have the potential to lead and help others.


Educating Ethiopians to develop Ethiopia.

Trustees and other information


David Graham Stables (Chairman)
Samuel Ayalew Assefa
Dame Dr Claire Bertschinger
Bisrat Mesfin Gebremichael (Retired 31st December 2011)


Ambassador Dr Kassa Gebrehiwot
Dr Michael J S Burden
Angela Glendenning

Independent Examiner

Kemp Taylor LLP
14 The Oval, West Walk Leicester, LE1 7NA England/UK

Registered Address

African Children’s Educational Trust
670 Ethel Road
Leicester, LE5 4WR

Principal bankers

The Cooperative Bank plc
PO Box 250, Delf House
Skelmersdale, WN8 6WT

Our Ethiopian national partner and executive agency Ethiopian Youth Educational Support (EYES)

  • EYES is an Ethiopian local charity number 1432 registered with the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Justice and regularly reporting to both the Ministry of Justice and the Regional Government’s Early Warning, Response & Food Security team (EWRFS - a part of the Bureau of Agriculture and Urban Development - similar to the Charity Commission in England & Wales).
  • EYES works closely with the Tigrai Regional and Hintalo and Wajirat Enderta District Bureaux of Education, the Bureau Youth & Social Affairs and the Mekelle Municipality, following and respecting Government policies.
  • EYES works closely with the umbrella body ACSOT - “Alien Civil Societies of Tigrai”.
  • EYES is managed by Bisrat Mesfin Gebremichael with a board of five Directors of which David Stables, A-CET Chairman and CEO, is a member. Bisrat is also an A-CET Director which ensures active cooperation at all levels. It is not considered that these appointments in any way constitute a conflict of interests.
  • EYES submits audited accounts annually, without which annual registration may be withheld.
  • EYES has its own constitution, but its aims and objectives are similar to A-CET.
  • Whilst EYES is currently principally funded by A-CET to implement A-CET funded programmes; as a self managing autonomous charity, it can raise its own funds to implement its own programmes.