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Educating Africans to develop Africa

The independent responsive charity run by experienced, competent, caring & committed volunteers. Supporting vulnerable young Africans, principally Ethiopians, giving them hope, higher aspirations & self-confidence to achieve their potential through education.

Working in partnership with the Education authorities and communities A-CET, through EYES, is supporting hundreds of vulnerable youngsters with long-term scholarships plus building and furnishing village-based elementary schools providing free education.

All locally selected scholarship students and their backgrounds are well known to us and, with dignity and symapthy, are assisted from kindergarten through to higher education and into gainful employment or self-employment.

Birhan Woldu was an A-CET/EYES supported student for over ten years, together with her six siblings, three of whom still receive A-CET/EYES scholarships. After high school Birhan attended College receiving a Diploma in Agriculture following which she studied at a private University to get a degree in Nursing. After working with the World Food Programme as a Nutritional Nurse she took maternity leave and now helps manage her husband’s hotel and café in her home city of Mekelle. Birhan acts an Ambassador for A-CET/EYES. EYES is managed by Bisrat Mesfin, also featured in this video clip. EYES is the implementing partner for A-CET in Ethiopia building rural community elementary schools and administering long-term scholarships to hundreds of vulnerable youngsters.

Dansa, Dejen additional classroom update 18 Feb 2014

Since this full elementary school was built with our support in 2010, student registrations have far exceeded expectations necessitating the construction of another four classroom block in local stone. Work started in December 2013 and should be completed including being fully furnished and with electricity installed by May 2014. Construction work, costing £50K, using local paid labour is supervised by EYES, our local implementing partner. This Government run school provides free education from Grades 0 to 8.

Poster educational training aids

In January 2014 at Gumselasa School Parents Open Day we presented a full set of 90 framed wipeable educational posters supporting the local curriculum Grades 1 to 4 to the school. Present were the Directors of all eight schools we have built and many senior local dignitaries from the Regional & local Administration & Education. National & Regional media gave good exposure - including TV. Now the posters are being fixed in all other schools. At this event EYES Circus entertained a large crowd & the local community provided typical refreshments. £ 4,500 funds for this initiative will be provided by a donor.

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We are totally independent and rely on NO government funding. None of your donatiions are spent on UK salaries, pension schemes, professional fund-raisers or consultants. In the UK we have no office or car. We do not invest your donations but expend them within 12 months carefully on the educational you donate to. We are not able to fund other charities, so please do not apply to us.

Actions not words, bringing lasting sustainable educational development

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23 Oct 2011
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Highly Commended Award
29 Aug 2011
EYES Circus & Band perform at Festival of Ashenda
17 Aug 2011
Feed the world: Birhan Woldu and Live Aid
10 Jun 2011
Foundation Stone laying at Ziban Albe
11 May 2011
Our youngest fund-raiser
8 May 2011
New projects bringing light
31 Jan 2011
First solar computer lab opened
19 Dec 2010
EYES wins top Ethiopian Award
22 Nov 2010
David Stables book launched
27 Oct 2010
Schools opened at Adibaekel & Dansa
23 Sep 2010
A-CET Third Sector 2010 National Award Winner
19 Jun 2010
Abinet school dedication
15 Mar 2010
EYES wins new award
31 Dec 2009
Claire Bertschinger receives honour
24 Nov 2009
Bob Geldof opens Hagere Selam Elementary School
30 Aug 2009
Top Students Awarded 29 Aug 2009
3 Aug 2009
EYES honours local supporters
6 May 2009
Gumselasa Full Elementary School #4

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Text ACET00 and up to 10 to 70070 to donate up to £10 to A-CET Give as you live Give with confidence Two of our young students, Meron & Ruta, in Ethiopian National Costume
Two of our young students, Meron & Ruta, in Ethiopian National Costume
Ethiopian Patriarch dedicates Abinet School Classroom Jun 2010
Ethiopian Patriarch dedicates Abinet School Classroom Jun 2010
Ethiopian Patriarch dedicates Abinet School Classroom Jun 2010
Bob Geldof makes a point to EYES Manager & David at an A-CET party Nov 2009
Dave Stables' autobiography
Only the educated are free


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Education brings with it the best chance of defeating poverty, better parenting, better health, better nutrition, greater opportunity and a direct line to economic growth. Please help us educate Ethiopians to develop Ethiopia. Your donation will be used wisely and efficiently. Use the form below to donate via PayPal, or click on one of the buttons on the right for other options.

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